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  • Research - Led Innovation

    Idea leading to reality

  • Guava Green House

    Nurturing Health

  • VNR Bihi Orchard

    Fruit taking shape

  • VNR Bihi Fruit

    Big on Size, Big on Taste

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VNR Bihi Upcoming Events & Showcase

  • Visit us at Stall No. A-5

    Visit us at stall A-5

  • Visit us at Stall number- 9,10 & 11 in hall-B

    Visit us at Stall number- B-9,10 & 11

  • Bunch in Plant

    Bumper Crop – VNR Bihi

  • Customer

    India is BIG

  • Customer1

    VNR Bihi – Stops, Traffic!

  • Display

    Grow Local, Sell Global

  • Fruit Weight

    Biggest among Guavas

  • Guava Tree

    VNR Bihi – so many !!

  • Pair

    Pair of Taste

  • Plug Trays

    Plugging the Revolution